How to increase your Sales Reps Performance

In this blog entry, I will build a case as to why your sales reps are not working as hard as they should. Over the past 17 years I have collected evidence related to various sales and marketing activities and have been able to prove that certain high value products, those that bring in the most profit margin, are not always the correct products to focus on in a sales situation. Granted, these high margin products will bring in greater profits if sold, but my research has show that focusing on products with a nominal profit margin might be the better way to go. Look at the below analysis I captured from my Qlik Sense environment showing Sales vs. Margin for different products. The scatter plot dots are also colored by the number of customers that have been sold to. Notice there is a low number of customers who are actually buying those particular products:


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Getting Started with QlikView 11 Desktop

Hey guys thought I would share a simple video series of how to get started with QlikView 11 Desktop. Each link will open in light-box type window, overlaying this main page. Please feel free to ask questions via the comments section, or join me on the QlikCommunity.

QlikView 11 Desktop Download and Install

QlikView 11 Desktop Connect to and Query Data

QlikView 11 Desktop Creating your first chart object

QlikView Desktop 11 Adjusting Chart Properties

QlikView 11 Desktop Additional Chart Properties